Author: Holly

The Difference Between HTC and EHTC. Which Cleaning is best for you?

HTC or High-top cleaning or EHTC Extreme High-Top Cleaning is defined as and highly recommended for initial residential and/or commercial cleanings. The suggestion frequency for HTC or EHTC post the initial HTC cleaning can be scheduled quarterly or twice a year for hard-to-reach areas or not regularly thought of dirty places. As you may have […]

S.G., residential

I was asked to provide a reference for Holly Oldham. Where do I even begin? Holly has been helping me keep my life on track for over a decade! I know it sounds weird to say someone who cleans and organized your home to “keep your life on track.” But having a neat and organized […]

Do You Have a Laundry Genie in Your Life?

Right now you are asking yourself what is this magical laundry genie you speak of and how can you have one in your life. Allow me to explain. Typically when you are hiring someone to help you clean your home that is what they do, clean.  Think about how great it would be to free […]