The ‘PRMF’ in PRMF Cleaning?

My Story

PRMF, a journey of grace,
Where pause, reflect, and move we embrace.
Holly Oldham, an owner with a vision,
A published author, her words a precision.

A stay-at-home mom, four children in tow,
Her castle, her sanctuary, where love would grow.
Efficiency, TLC, in their DNA,
Multitasking without being led astray.

Established in January 2021, on Singer’s Isle,
PRMF Cleaning, with dedication and style.
An entrepreneur since the tender age of ten,
Involving her children, time and again.

Teaching them to be true, to lend a hand,
Knowing that helping others makes them grand.
When you hire PRMF, rest assured,
Your home, your office, impeccably secured.

Specializing in luxury cleaning,
A meticulous clean, reaching the sky.
With eco-friendly products, a gentle touch,
We provide service that means so much.

Confidentiality, a promise we keep,
Efficiency, our standard, never to sleep.
Cleaning with a smile, brightening each day,
Bringing warmth and joy, in every way.

Volunteering for beach cleanups, a labor of love,
Holly’s passion, like wings of a dove.
The shore is her canvas, no payment required,
Preserving its beauty, with love inspired.

Since March 2016, Pause Reflect Move Forward,
A journey that’s grown, a vision explored.
Merchandise, poetry, articles galore,
Inspirational voices, spreading love’s lore.

Holly Oldham, the heart and soul,
Pause Reflect Move Forward, her grand role.
DBA PRMF Cleaning, a brand of trust,
With integrity and care, we’ll clean to the dust.

Pause, reflect, and move forward with pride,
PRMF Cleaning, by your side.
Together we’ll create spaces pristine,
Where serenity and cleanliness convene.

Holly Oldham,
Pause Reflect Move Forward LLC


Office => (561) 385-8408


Hobe Sound, FL 33455