Your Clients Want You to Take Initiative

I added gardening gloves to my cleaning caddy. 

Your clients deserve something extra

There are times when laundry takes well, forever. Whether you are doing your own laundry or someone else’s. 

Watching a load of laundry dry or clothes line dry for that matter is like watching a pot of water boil. Time consuming and boring unless you are occupying your time wisely. 

I do my best to try to surprise my clients with something extra whenever I can. 

Me pulling a few weeds and pruning a few plants is just the TLC (Tender Loving Care) my client needed around their screened in pool area while their laundry dried. 

When cleaning someone’s home you need your hands. 

Protecting your hands while cleaning is a must. 

Non toxic hand sanitizer, latex free cleaning gloves, non toxic hand lotion and now gardening gloves in your cleaning caddy can help protect your skin.

I find cleaning to be great exercise and time well spent helping others all while helping myself. 

My clients are good to me, I do my best to be good to them too. 

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