The Difference Between HTC and EHTC. Which Cleaning is best for you?

HTC or High-top cleaning or EHTC Extreme High-Top Cleaning is defined as and highly recommended for initial residential and/or commercial cleanings.

The suggestion frequency for HTC or EHTC post the initial HTC cleaning can be scheduled quarterly or twice a year for hard-to-reach areas or not regularly thought of dirty places.

PRMF Cleaning team - HTC
HTC over 10 feet

As you may have already guessed ladders or special equipment such as scaffolding and let’s not forget about the safety precautions needed during any level of HTC and EHTC. 

Just because you cannot see the dirt, does not mean it isn’t there.

An example of HTC would be if you have kitchen cabinets that are not flush with the ceiling and you’re able to put knick-knacks or areas in properties commonly known as plant shelves. 

Ask yourself “When is the last time my HTC areas have been cleaned?” 

The dust and dare I say debris from unwanted pests are lingering and  being blown into our families, employees and tourists lungs, and yes onto food. 

If you are like most households or business owners that are in need of HTC or EHTC and you are thinking to yourself right now “I don’t think any form of HTC has ever been done here!” Believe me when I tell you, this is a common response. 

Rest assured your belongings below 7 ft will be protected.

HTC and EHTC Pricing

HTC is 7 ft and above $143* 

  • All prices are per person per hour
  • Does not reflect special promotional pricing

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