Aerial cleaning, a recommendation high,
For initial commercial sigh.
Frequency suggestions, post initial grace,
Quarterly or twice a year, for hidden space.

Hard-to-reach areas, often neglected,
Aerial cleaning, where dirt is detected.
Ladders and equipment, scaffolding height,
Safety precautions, a paramount sight.

Just because unseen, doesn’t mean it’s gone,
Dirt lingers, deceiving, silently drawn.
In showrooms, lobbies, gyms, or a restaurant’s realm,
Aerial cleaning unveils a pristine helm.

Ask yourself, when was the last thorough clean?
Dust and debris, pests’ remnants keen,
Lingering in air, our families, employees, and more,
Even onto food, an unwanted encore.

If you’re a commercial business owner, pondering the thought,
Aerial cleaning, a service sought.
Believe me, it’s common, this realization dawning,
The need for aerial cleaning, its purpose spawning.

Rest assured, below 7 ft, protection bestowed,
Your belongings safe, no worries bestowed.
Aerial Cleaning, a solution on high,
7 ft and above, $143* it applies.

*All hourly prices, per person, per hour,
Special promotional pricing, not in this tower.