Air conditioning filters

Remodeling a home/office or new construction requires attention to detail by the company you are hiring for each phase of construction cleanup.

Inch by inch of each area or room that is completed requires a keen eye.

Safety precautions must always be taken and proper scheduling for all parties involved during each phase, as well as open communication.

There are several phases to cleaning a remodeled home/office and new construction.

When remodeling, the beginning phase may look like rearranging furniture, emptying cabinets and moving things from room to room to allow for room to be made and personal belongings to be protected. Not only are these tasks tedious, but can be overwhelming for homeowners and/or employees/employers.  

Generally speaking general contractors have a crew to help move furniture, but what about the cabinets and organizing the items so you can get to the items you need most during the different remodeling phases. 

Safely handling your personal belongings and working around occupants as well as pets are also things to consider.

The intermediate phase is when there seems to be no end in sight of your remodel, due to all the dust that has accumulated since the remodeling phase began. Cleaning continues. 

Everything is finally coming together with your remodel, now furniture has to be put back, cleaned, organized and staged. This is your final stage. 

Depending upon how big of a remodel you are choosing to do will determine the amount of time estimated and plus or minus several hours when paying hourly. Delays will happen for one reason or another whether it is because of a sub contractor, supplies and life somehow getting in the way. 

One thing homeowners must have on hand during a remodel are air filters. You will want to change your a/c frequently to cut down on dust inhalation during remodeling no matter how big or how small the remodel is.


The phases during a brand new construction cleanup are just as important as remodeling. The phases are the same with less work involved  for your cleanup crew due to no personal items handled or people or pets to work around.

When hiring a  cleaning company ask if they have had experience working with general contractors, home owners, business owners, real estate agents, property management companies, interior designers, HOA’s and are able to refer other subcontractors if necessary.

Working with a company who has experience is better than working with someone who has none. The only way to find out is ask.

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