Stove guard stove top protector

You are making your favorite meal. You add spices and extra ingredients in the pan on your stove top in your kitchen. 

While your meal is cooking you add an ingredient to the pan, it falls between your stove and counter.

During cleaning up your kitchen after you’ve prepared your meal, you forget that food fell and the debris remains. 

A great way to keep the space between your stove, your counter top, the sides of both your counter/stove and the floor between the two clean, is by using a stove guard stove top protector. 

There are two color options black or white aka clear in the product description below. 

Once your protectors arrive in the mail from your online order you will place one protector on either side of your stove. 

Having these guards for your kitchen will help with cleaning, from attracting pests and from having to hire a pest control service because of the pests you’ve attracted in your home. Not to mention all the ingredients you carefully measured out will remain. 

Click below on the shop now button and add this to your Amazon cart today!  Zulay Kitchen 2-Pack Stove Guard Stove Top Protector – 21 Inch Heat-Resistant Stove Gap Cover Between Stove and Counter – Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover, Stove Gap Filler & Stove Protector (Black)


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