Oven liner

If you live in a house, apartment, condo or townhome, chances are you have a stove. 

Did you know most newer stoves have a self clean option? 

If you use the self clean option there are a few things you need to know.

From start to finish with the self clean oven option your oven will take approximately four hours to clean. Your kitchen will be warm and let’s not forget about the possibility of the smell being a problem due to all the food that lies caked into the inside of your oven. 

Once the self clean option has completed, you will need to wipe the inside wipe, but not right away the inside of your oven will be too hot to touch. 

Running the self clean option would be best to run before you go to sleep. This way the oven will have had a chance to cool and you won’t be bothered by the heat or the potential smell. 

An inexpensive and simple fix to running the self clean oven option too often, cleaning it yourself or hiring someone to clean it for you is purchasing an oven liner. 

Even if you choose not to wipe clean your new oven liner right after you are done cooking a meal, having one in your oven saves you  unpleasant smell, aggravation of cleaning it yourself and time which we all know is worth more than money. 

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