Lint brush

Lint rollers are not just for freshening up your clothes from hair left by your pet. 

Owning a lint roller combo pack to have in more than one area amd/or hiring the right cleaning service that offers detailed cleanings can and will protect your wardrobe and your home/office decor.

Maybe you have a lamp shade that could use replacing or maybe it just needs a little TLC. 

Or maybe you have furniture with pet hair and your vacuum doesn’t have an attachment.

Even your pool table’s felt can use more than a brushing every now and then. 

You may even own a rug from the 1920’s and you are afraid to touch it.

Lint rollers are affordable and necessary in your home and/or office if you want your clothes to be fresh and your decor to be lint and even dust free. 

They even work great when you are unable to pick up the line of dirt you swept into a neat little pile with your broom once it refuses to go on your dust pan. Simply roll the lint brush over that line and voila! 

Get your lint roller combo pack today! 

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller, 3 Rollers, 100 Sheets Per Roller (300 Sheets Total)


1 thought on “Lint brush

  1. Jeannie Lemmo

    Great info. Now that I have cats I”m going to “roll” the house!!


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