Are your baseboards and surrounding areas clean at work? 

If you own a commercial property, are in charge of hiring a cleaning crew for said property, or know someone looking for a new cleaning company, be on the look out for this one thing when considering renewing your current contract for 2022 or deciding to upgrade to a detailed clean verse a mediocre cleaning job from your current cleaning company. 

Baseboards are added to walls for decoration, yet typically remain the dirtiest areas in most homes and offices.

If your current cleaning company for example, uses a machine to clean the floors once a week, once a month, quarterly, every six months or dare I say once a year, the machines that they are using are either not being used correctly or the edges of the floor near the baseboards are not being dry mopped, much less hand washed/scrubbed afterwards from the dirty water being left. The main floor may be clean, but the baseboards areas are not. 

The machine can only get so close, which requires manual labor post machine usage. 

As a business owner you should not have to worry about your customers or even employees walking in and seeing a dirty facility, this includes baseboards and areas surrounding it. 

You are paying thousands of dollars each month and tens of thousands of dollars each year to keep your property clean, and all your baseboards are dirty. How does that make you feel?

Hiring a new company to come in and do a job that someone has not done to your liking is not only necessary, it is a must.

The cleaning company you hired is leaving the residue behind post machine usage, you are wasting your profit and unfortunately cannot be claimed as a loss, only an expense on your P&L. 

When hiring a a cleaning company for your commercial property based on the lowest bid, expect the least amount of effort from the people that will be hired to clean your facility.